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the home automation you expect , now for your landscape lighting system.



Streamline all your home safety systems by controlling your lighting design right from a smartphone. When a family member suddenly needs the back walkway or when you're making the quick transition from afternoon to evening hosting, switch on the safety of illumination with swiftness and ease.



An automated home lighting design means never having to travel across your home to switch on lights. At any moment of the day or evening, switch on specific areas without even looking out onto the property. The precision of this technology provides invaluable peace of mind.



Transition a barbecue into the evening hours with little effort. Switch on uplighting throughout your landscape, pool lighting for safety or porch lighting for late-night meals. The specificity of automated controls allows you to continue hosting while showcasing your well-lit space.



Above all, automated lighting systems remove confusion or unnecessary effort when turning lights on or off. Smart technology removes the question of whether a light was left on or when it needs to switch on in a hurry. Our lighting designs aim to simplify each client's lifestyle.

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specializing in outdoor lighting automation


Premier Provider of Home Lighting Automation for
Westchester and the Hudson Valley.


Unique to the field, we at Blue Hour Lighting pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge of automated solutions for every size of outdoor lighting design. We both design and install systems that work with simplicity and ease for every user. Adjust each section of your outdoor home lighting right form your phone or smart device.

Paired with modern LED-lighting technology, each system is built to require little maintenance over time. We work one-on-one with each client to ensure complete comfort and understanding with a customized automation system.


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