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a personalized APPROACH to landscape lighting.


LANDSCAPE Lighting Design
Consultation for WESTCHESTER, NY
and the hudson valley.

Our personalized approach to the consultation process begins by discussing how lighting design can transform a client's relationship with their property. We discuss the ways a well-balanced lighting design may improve the value, appearance and security of each particular home. Consultations aim to answer the following questions:

  • Which landscape and hardscape features would you like to highlight?
  • How can proper lighting enhance and complement the daily use of your outdoor space?
  • What type of lighting can make your property feel more secure?
  • Do you have a preferred budget, both for installation and long-term use?
  • How can automation technology improve your lighting experience?

Once we've completed the brainstorming process, we combine our collective notes and images of the property to create a detailed plan to begin moving forward with a final design and installation.

We understand that total collaboration--from initial ideas to the final installation details--is the key to a quality client relationship. We discuss the best way to move forward with each project for your lifestyle, timeframe and desired result.


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outdoor lighting automation specialists

Unique to Blue Hour Lighting, we specialize in the installation, training and upkeep of lighting automation systems for the outdoor and landscape lighting niche. Owning a home lighting system means nothing if it is complicated or inconvenient to use. Control each section of your landscape lighting directly from your phone. We'll walk you through each step of the process during the design and installation process.