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utilizing innovative Led Technology in today's landscape lighting systems 



By utilizing the top technology in LED lighting, these bulbs create instantly bright lights while requiring less energy to do so. By using less than half the electricity of incandescent bulbs, LED lighting lowers your energy bills and cuts your carbon footprint.



LED lights vastly out-perform older bulb varieties, and merely dim over time opposed to burning out suddenly. This lowers the cost and energy when replacing new bulbs and keeps your outdoor space looking balanced and safe year-round. 



LEDs are known to take larger impacts and changes in temperate without breaking or shorting out. Particularly important for ground-based and outdoor light fixtures, this means dependable landscape lighting through every season, year after year. 



Since LED bulbs project light with more specificity than incandescent bulbs, we have more freedom to create a lighting design with the perfect brightness and color. Also, LED bulbs reach full brightness immediately, creating the instant effect when needed.

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Landscape lighting made easy to use with home automation.


The Future of Outdoor Lighting Design


As new technology develops, we strive to bring the most innovative fixtures, bulbs and automation technology to all of our customers. Remaining certified specialists in the top brands of lighting fixtures allow us to present the best possible solutions for each budget, layout and lifestyle.

LED's lighting capability is not only beneficial to the environment and overall costs. This technology also pairs well with the type of specific design we aim to reach. Automation and specificity ensure a crisp, clean design with ease and usability on a regular basis.

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