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Outdoor lighting highlights every unique detail of your property, from the century-old oak tree to your stone fountain and pond. Use elegant fixtures to accent paved walkways and stairs or flood the exterior of your home with soft washes of illumination.



Increase your curb appeal by showcasing the balance and beauty of your home well into the evening with outdoor lighting. A home's value and sense of welcome escalates when its exterior and landscape are properly illuminated.



Without the proper outdoor lighting, corners of a property go unseen after the sun sets. Encourage use of the whole space when lounging or hosting by creating a sense of balance for you and your guests, whether sitting by an outdoor fire or on the patio.



Above all, pathway lighting, driveway lights and general outdoor lighting design convey that a home is active. Additionally, paths and stairways remain as safe as possible when heading out into the evening. All lighting creates a peaceful and safe space for all.

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OUtdoor lighting for a balanced landscape


Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting  Company


For the past 15 years, we've been guiding our clients toward all the varieties of outdoor lighting available on today's expanding marketing. Lighting fixtures for each specific region of your outdoor property serve a unique purpose. Pillar lighting, for example, creates a lantern or built-in lighting effect at the ends of retaining walls, at the entrance of a home or around the perimeter of a property.

Each outdoor lighting fixture serves both an aesthetic and security role on a property. Perimeter lighting, which can be secured in the ground or on nearby hardscape elements, marks the edge of the yard, while providing visual balance. Additionally, features such as driveway lighting alert you of a new visitor while illuminating their path to your door. Though practical, driveway lighting also provides a sense of style, showcasing the welcoming walkway into your home.


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