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HARDSCAPE LIGHTING for patios, steps, and walls.  



Enjoy warm summer nights on the porch and patio with the proper balance of illumination and privacy. With automated controls right on your phone, it's easy to transition lighting levels as the night goes on. Extend your living space past your home's walls to enjoy your patio and yard all year round.



Lighting for your pool deck and within the water itself provides added safety and artistic balance to the space. Use patches of uplighting to softly and naturally light the pathway during evening hours or mark the perimeter of a pool area with the clear light of LED lighting fixtures.



Water elements in your hardscape design come to life with the proper lighting. Utilize the night hours to take in the beauty of a flowing freestanding fountain, waterfall or pond. Switch off the lighting with ease at the end of the evening through the automated system.



Driveway lighting welcomes home cars and guides approaching guests. Sensor lighting adds a level of security to the main entrance of your home, alerting you the moment someone has arrived. Pair the right LED fixture with the design of your driveway and connected pathways. 

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create your personalized outdoor lighting design


Benefits of a Hardscape Lighting Design


A well-balanced property design is not quite complete without proper evening illumination. Uplighting, perimeter lights and pathway lighting add both safety and a sense of elegance to a property. Curb appeal and hosting opportunities--and therefore home value--increase with the addition of a balanced lighting system.

As each property and client is unique, we thrive when working directly with your vision to create the lighting design to best enhance your home and lifestyle. We begin with a thorough property review, determining all the possible benefits of a home lighting tailored to the structure, layout and architecture of your home and property.


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